Hot Spring® Product Advances 2019

Freshwater Salt


Hot Spring® Steps Up in 2019!!

Hot Spring® blew the competition away prior to 2019 but this year’s technological advances put Hot Spring® Spas and Northern Spa Outlets on another level altogether.

Almost Maintenance Free Hot Tubs!!

We’ve introduced 2 new water maintenance systems in 2019 that drastically reduce the level of attention required to keep the spa water sparklingly crystal clear all year round.

Spa Frog In-Line Fresh Mineral Water System – Hot Spot Collection

The innovative Spa Frog system has now been integrated to all Hot Spot range hot tubs by Hot Spring®, these are the only spas in the range with integrated Spa Frog Bromine and Mineral cartridges which is extremely effective while providing softer, crystal clear water. It also kills bacteria with up to 50% less bromine.

The mineral cartridge lasts 4 months, take seconds to install and balances the Ph, Alkalinity and water softness levels ensuring the clearest water and reducing the amount of sanitiser needed.

The Bromine cartridges last 3 to 4 weeks, take seconds to install and sanitise the spa water for optimum water cleanliness and minimal effort from spa owners.


Read More about the Hot Spot Spa Frog Cartridge system here

FreshWater Salt System – Highlife & Limelight Collections

The latest and most advanced spa salt system on the market is exclusively available on Hot Spring® Limelight and Highlife collections in 2019.

‘Based on our last 8 years experiences, our customers love our spa salt water systems yet many wanted a less complicated, more affordable option.. and now we have it!’

We are delighted to introduce the FreshWater Salt System, an affordable, simple water care system that eliminates the worry of keeping spa water clean, clear and sanitised without requiring a drain and refill for 12 months.

There is nothing else on the market that’s as easy to use as the Freshwater Salt System. It consistently and reliably generates chlorine as a sanitiser while keeping water feeling soft and natural. The unparalleled patent-pending design makes water care so simple for spa owners.

As if all this wasn’t exciting enough ..

Highlife Product Advancements

As well as the new FreshWater Salt System available on all new Highlife Spa’s , Hot Spring® have also updated the Highlife range with a number of new colour options and a stunning new lighting system for 2019.

Highlife Collection and Highlife NXT Collections will consolidate into one single luxury spa range, the Highlife Collection with an unmatched visual appeal to blend spa aesthetics with home architecture, landscaping and outdoor furniture. Coupled with the already superior filtration and spa water care systems Hot Spring’s Highlife collection is ahead of the market once again.

The Highlife range will now be available with 6 new cabinet colours to match the latest architecture and landscaping trends, colours include Walnut, Driftwood, Shale, Sandstone, Brushed Nickel and Bronze.

View the 2019 Hot Spring® Highlife Collection